Arise! Shine! Our Light has come!

Arise!  Shine out! Your light has come...


Posted 18/06/2019 11:53am in Blog
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The Risen Jesus is not an idol

Noli me tangere -  Do not hold onto me!


Posted 29/03/2018 9:51am in Blog
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Jesus is not a swear word

#Jesusis not a swearword - # jesusisnotaswearword


Posted 11/01/2018 3:42pm in Blog
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The world needs Disciples

What we do really does matter

Posted 11/01/2018 3:39pm in Blog
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Making sense of the Bible

Canwe make sense of the biblical stories of creation?


Posted 13/10/2017 5:15pm in Blog
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Reading the Scriptures again only differently

AHistorical-Metaphorical Reading of Scripture


Posted 5/10/2017 9:50am in Blog
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Role of the Bible in today's world

Whatis the role of the Bible in the lives of Christians today?

Posted 25/09/2017 7:54pm in Blog
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Christianity and the Jewish laws

Do Christians have to have clothing ofone material only?


Posted 21/09/2017 11:35am in Blog
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Human sexualitry in the New Testament


Posted 22/08/2017 8:13pm in Blog
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The Same-Sex marriage debate

Samesex marriage debate is not about equality or rights


Posted 14/08/2017 12:43pm in Blog
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Sharia Law

Posted 29/07/2017 10:31am in Blog
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Beware of Islam - It is not Western Friendly

Itis wise indeed to be wary of Islam


Posted 18/07/2017 10:14am in Blog
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Should we be concerned about Islam>

Shouldwe be worried about Islam?


Posted 11/07/2017 4:46pm in Blog
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We Need a New Evangelism for Today's World



Posted 5/05/2017 9:29am in Blog
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The Church seeking to grow in a changing world

TheReality of the World in which we struggle


Posted 27/04/2017 10:59am in Blog
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Idolatry: the sin of being like the other nations

Idolatry - the sin of being like the other nations


Posted 19/04/2017 8:24pm in Blog
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Can These Bones Live?



Posted 11/04/2017 9:27am in Blog
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All Christians are called to mission

All Christians are baptized intomissionary service


Posted 4/04/2017 5:56pm in Blog
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Is there hope for the Church?

Isthere hope for the Church?


Posted 28/03/2017 6:13pm in Blog
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With God there is always hope


Maybe wecan learn something from the wisdom of the past!

Posted 20/07/2016 5:55pm in Blog
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Je Suis Pauline

Je SuisPauline Hanson


Posted 19/07/2016 5:23pm in Blog
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Imitating Christ

When in doubt Imitate Christ


Posted 17/09/2014 2:32pm in Blog
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We are God

We are God's answer to the prayers of others.


Posted 12/05/2014 10:16am in Blog
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God! What are you doing about Boko Haran?

God!What are you doing about Boko Horan?


Posted 7/05/2014 8:36pm in Blog
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Where is the Church's voice?

What about me?


Posted 2/05/2014 10:39am in Blog
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Has Canberra got it wrong?

I have been listening to the news from Canberra today and noted the discussions on the samesex legislation that has now passed, though it will most certainly be challenged by the Federal Governm...
Posted 22/10/2013 6:55pm in Blog
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go out into all the world

Welcome to the first blog of the new website!  The first, but not the last.  I have been moving forward to this point for quite a while now and I anticipate that it will provide the op...
Posted 16/10/2013 6:04pm in Blog
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