About Us

This website is the home of The Disciples of Christ Inc, a religious association that focuses its resources and energies on providing resources, support, encouragement for all those who are searching for ways in growing as followers of Jesus Christ.

It is a nondenominational website, though I come from an Anglican background within a catholic tradition.  The starting point for all that is to be found on this site is, without question, the Bible.  But it is the Bible as has been understood, taught, interpreted and valued over some two thousand years.  The Bible is not a club with which to bash sinners over the head or to marginalize people who do not meet certain narrow expectations.  it is the Bible as the Word of God speaking to people today, in 2013.

The ministry has grown out of an awareness of the desire of many Christians (and enquirers along with those who are in some way vaguely connected to the Christian message) to learn more, to have resources that will help them explore a life with God and to have some practical and usable material that will assist them in living Gospel lives.

The Disciples of Christ is a loose association of like-minded men and women.  The name comes from the Gospel call of Jesus for all men and women to follow after him.  It is an invitation to have our lives enriched and our world renewed by God's love, mercy and the promise of hope.

As the website grows, it is hoped that there will be more and more scope for more people to add their own reflections and insights into what is offered here.  In the meantime, by contacting us via the email address that is provided, we are keen to respond to specific requests for assistance and with tailored resources.